Dumfries & Galloway Red2Yellow Tour

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The Dumfries & Galloway Red2Yellow Tennis Tour is scheduled over the LTA’s 5 months of summer (Apr- Aug) and the events will be submitted as grade 6 for this year.

The events will be spread around the local D&G clubs with an aim of getting kids playing tennis more regular and having a pathway from Red through to Orange, through to Green and then under 12s and 14s without having to travel out with D&G but the events are open to any players.

All events are part of a leaderboard circuit for each age group with the points awarded as below. All players who play a match will be awarded 5 points plus the points for where they finish in each event. The more you play the more rewards you get.

Players are only awarded points for the event they play in, so if a player is playing up a level then points would not transfer to their current age group. i.e an under 12 player playing in an under 14 event would get points awarded in that under 14s leader board and their under 12s points would remain unchanged until they play in an under 12 event.

D&G Red2Yellow Summer Tour POINTS TABLE

Winner 30
Runner Up 20
Third Place 16
Fourth Place 12
5th to 8th 7
9th onwards 4
In addition to above each player will receive points for taking part in an event as long as they play a match. 5

All events are open to any player who wants to enter but most events will be restricted numbers.

The events will usually run on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

D&G Red2Yellow TOUR
Red Orange Green 12s 14s
8 event 5 event 5 event 5 event 5 event