D&G Winter League 2016

The D&G winter league commenced on 6th March as Dumfries 2 entertained reigning champions Dalbeattie. The experienced duo of Paul and Stevie taking on Lewis Gilmour and Martin Wilson. In the opening match Lewis took on Stevie and on paper looked like it could be a tight match, however an inspired Stevie proved to good on the day as he took the match 6-1, 6-1. In the second match Martin played Paul who had a tight match last year and so it proved again this year. Martin took time to settle as Paul claimed the first set 6-2 but Martin upped his game to break back in the second set 7-5 and with the momentum Martin won the championship tie-break 10-7 to draw the match level at one rubber each.

In the doubles Dumfries 2 started well and were controlling the first set up until the business end when the experience Dalbeattie pair showed there class and experience to claim the first set on a tie-break (7-6). In the second set Dalbeattie kept it going and claimed the victory by taking the second set 6-3 and with that the match.

The other match between Kirkcudbright and Dumfries was postponed. This week sees both Dumfries teams playing and Dalbeattie entertain Kirkcudbright.

Standings                                         Pl.  Won   Drw     Lst     Pts  Rubbers                

1  Dalbeattie                                  1         1         0         0        2            2-1

2  Dumfries                                   0        0         0         0       0            0-0

2  Kirkcudbright                           0        0         0         0       0            0-0

4  Dumfries 2                                1         0         0         1        0           1-2