D&G Kids Progressing Well

Dumfries & Galloway kids have recently played in 3 Orange ball competitions in Dumfries and Carlisle with promising results and performances throughout. Over the 3 events there were 11 kids from the region who played in at least one of the 3 events with every child recording at least one win in their event.

For the 9 yrs and under kids this has been a progression from the D&G Mini Red Tour  which took place earlier this year, Summer club coaching, orange ball drill sessions at Dumfries throughout October and November and the 3 Orange ball competitions with 7 of the 11 kids going to Chatsworth Indoor Tennis Club in Carlisle on Sunday 13th November. On the day we had 3 hours of play on both the outdoor and indoor courts and there were 9 Cumbrian kids and the 7 D&G kids with 4 of the D&G kids only losing 1 match each in the Round Robin groups but more importantly all the kids enjoyed playing tennis in a new environment against the local Cumbrian kids.

D&G Kids at Chatsworth