Nithsdale Mini Tennis School Competition

The inaugural Nithsdale Mini Tennis School competition saw 3 schools competing to be the first ever winners of this new event, with Cargenbridge, Loreburn and St Andrew’s primary schools p3/p4 classes taking part.

After 3 weeks of taster sessions all 3 schools entered 4 player teams into Sunday’s final (18th) which was held at the Loreburn Hall.

The event consisted of mini red ball tennis matches against the other schools with 2 rounds of matches to see who would be crowned the champions. Big thanks go to the Holywood Trust for supporting the event which allowed us to buy the new shield and medals for the kids along with some equipment. We would also thank Tennis Scotland and the Tennis Foundation for their support.

After the first round of matches Cargenbridge were top with 68 points followed by Loreburn on 60 points and St Andrew’s with some catching up to do on 52 points. In the second round of matches St Andrew’s primary started to find their range and topped the second round of matches with 60 points with Cargenbridge second with 56 and Loreburn with 51.


This left Loreburn third on 111 points, second went to St Andrew’s with 112 points with Cargenbridge primary claiming the title for 2017 with 124.

On the day the outstanding player were Lucy from Cargenbridge and Dillon from Loreburn who remained undefeated throughout the competition.

Big thanks you to all the schools, parents, kids and Lewis, Richie and Finlay who helped out on the day.


Cargenbridge Primary 2017 winners. Islay, Lucy & Arran

Cargenbridge Primary School The Nithsdale Mini School Tennis Champions 2017 – Islay, Lucy and Arran