Dumfries & Galloway Red2Yellow Tour

Why the Red2Yellow Tour!
The tour was the idea of Tony McCluskey after his son entered a similar event in the East. The aim of this Tour is to give opportunities for Red, Orange, Green and Yellow ball Dumfries & Galloway kids to compete on a regular basis throughout the summer season in Dumfries & Galloway and also create a pathway so that each year they can step up to the next age group.
D&G Red2Yellow Tour Rules 2018
The region has witnessed a growth in Red ball tennis over the first 2 years of the D&G Mini Red Tour and to make sure these players don’t lose out or stop playing due to the lack of opportunities, then the Red2Yellow tour will aim keep them playing as much tennis as they want throughout the summer months in D&G and for years to come.
The Red2Yellow tour will aim to deliver a competition in as many of our D&G clubs as possible to ensure all players get the chance to enjoy tennis in their own courts and with a leaderboard for each event and a shield for each leaderboard winner each year it is hoped we can encourage more kids to travel between venues.
We will aim to have 28 events making up the new Dumfries & Galloway Red2Yellow Tour.
The first 5 events will still go ahead and are;

April Event Venue
14-Apr Sat Green Dumfries
15-Apr Sun Red Annan
15-Apr Sun Orange Annan
21-Apr Sat 12s Dumfries
22-Apr Sun 14s Dumfries

The events are also easy to search for, using this link just type in “Red2Yellow” and all the events will be listed https://www3.lta.org.uk/Competitions/Search/
Let’s play tennis…