Red2Yellow Tour underway

This weekend saw the first 3 Red2Yellow Tour events take place.

Saturday 14th saw Dumfries hosting the green event with 3 local kids and one from Glasgow. The 3 locals kids had mixed results with some good performances through-out but Sandy Fraser from Glasgow managed to complete all four matches undefeated to take the first Gold medal of the tour. Danny McKenna (Annan) came second with Dumfries duo of Jacob Holden and Eve Crombie completing the placings.

The next 2 events were hosted by Annan Seaforth on Sunday 15th as the Red and Orange events kicked off. There were 7 entries in the Red event with 10 in the Orange event. In the Red event there was local success and Brodie Little (St Mungo’s) edge past Carlisle’s Jake Irving 10-7. In a local match Cameron Hunter (Dumfries) bt Logan McCluskey (Dumfries) 10-6 to take 3rd place. In the consolation final Dumfries Grant Kerr won a tight match against Annan’s Thomas McCleary 10-8.

In the Orange event there were 7 locals with 2 from Carlisle and one from Edinburgh taking part.

With a few Red players stepping up to the Orange event there were several tight matches in the early round robin groups before we got to the play-off.  The top prize was contested between the 2 Carlisle boys as Jake Irving managed to go one better in the orange event as he held off Declan Agnew 10-6. In the 3rd and 4th play-off the Red ball winner Brodie couldn’t grab his second medal as Edinburgh lad Oliver Clark, who is a previous South of Scotland winner, edged past him with a 10-5 victory. We would also like to acknowledge the 2 girls who were playing their first Orange ball events. Ellie Wright held her nerve to win a tight match against her Annan team-mate Mia Renwick 12-10, well done girls and to all the boys.

Dumfries will host the next 2 event on 22nd April with the 12s & 14s events and then on the 6th May they host the next Red and Orange event.

All tennis updates can be found on the district website,

Green Results – Green Results

Red Results – Red Results

Orange Results –  Orange Results

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8s – Reds 15/4 Annan 6/5 Dumfries 27/5 Annan Total
Brodie Little 35 35
Jake Irving 25 25
Cameron Hunter 21 21
Logan McCluskey 17 17
Thomas McCleary 12 12
Dominik Czopek 12 12
Grant Kerr 12 12
9s – Orange 15/4 Annan 6/5 Dumfries Total
Jake Irving 35 35
Declan Agnew 25 25
Oliver Clark 21 21
Brodie Little 17 17
Oliver McKnight 12 12
Grant Kerr 12 12
Thomas McCleary 12 12
Logan McCluskey 12 12
Mia Renwick 9 9
Ellie Wright 9 9
10s – Green 14/4 Dumfries Total
Sandy Fraser 35 35
Daniel McKenna 25 25
Jacob Holden 21 21
Eve Crombie 17 17