Red2Yellow 12s Event

Another glorious sunny day as Dumfries Tennis Club hosted the 2nd 12s event for the Red2Yellow Tour.

With a late withdrawal we only had 2 boys and 2 girls so a mixed event was played with 3 local kids and Julia Janowska from Edinburgh taking part. Both Julia and Fergus won their first 2 matches before completing the competition against each other.



The players broke each other serves in the first 2 matches but then Julia’s power game came to the fore. The pair traded shot after shot but as Fergus started to drop the ball short Julia kept the power going as she hit the baseline with regular accuracy to complete her 3rd win with a 4-1, 4-1 victory. In the other match Flynn and Isla played some great rallies as Isla started to find her shot length but Flynn kept his cool on the heat to complete the win 4-1, 4-2. Unfortunately the 14s event scheduled for the 13th was cancelled due to not having any entries.

Red2Yellow 12s Results

12s – Boys 22/4 Dumfries 12/5 Dumfries Total
Fergus Reynolds-Lewis 35 35 70
Flynn Dalgliesh 25 25 50
Jacob Holden 21 0 21
Peter Whitelaw 17 0 17
Thomas Rideout 12 0 12
Finn Gordon 12 0 12
12s – Girls 12/5 Dumfries Total
Julia Janowska 35 35
Isla Grieve 25 25