D&G Winter League

This year’s winter league got underway on an overcast, slightly windy but dry day, which hasn’t happened much this year so far. Current champions Annan A headed through to play Dumfries A with Dumfries B making the reverse trip and headed through to Annan to play their B team. Both clubs had winter league debuts for 12 years old Flynn Dalgliesh playing for Annan A and Fergus Reynolds-Lewis who is also 12, playing for Dumfries B. Both youngsters played well in their respective matches with mixed results as Flynn competed well in his match before going down 2 sets to love with Fergus edging a tight match to win by 2 sets to love. However, it was great to see both clubs giving the kids a platform to play.

An experience Dumfries A claimed the match 3-0 and Dumfries B did likewise through in Annan.

Next week sees Dumfries B entertain Annan A whilst Dumfries A travel through to play Annan B.

D&G Winter League 2020 Results and Fixtures