D&G Red2Yellow Tour

The last 4 events for the 2018 summer Red2Yellow tour will be completed over the next 2 Saturdays.

On the 18th August, Beechgrove Tennis Club in Moffat will be hosting a Red and Orange events. This will be the last Orange event of the tour with Jake Irving sitting top with 87 points with Oliver Clark second on 71. Only a win for Oliver can stop Jake winning the Leaderboard. Orange Leaderboard

Then on the 25th Dumfries Tennis club host the last Red and Green events of the tour. With the Red event at Moffat then Dumfries there are still 9 players who could win this Leaderboard but this will become clearer after the Moffat event. Red Leaderboard

In the Green event there are still 6 players in contention for this leaderboard, so still plenty of tennis to play for. Green Leaderboard

There is still time to enter either event, just hit the link below.

D&G Red2Yellow Tour – Red & Orange at Moffat

D&G Red2Yellow Tour – Red & Green at Dumfries

Some stats;
Reds – 26 players competed over 4 events to date (20 from D&G)
Orange – 15 players competed over 3 events to date (9 from D&G)
Green – 11 players competed over 3 events to date (9 from D&G)
12s – 8 Players competed over 2 events to date (7 from D&G)
14s – 9 players played in the 1 event we ran (6 from D&G)