Level 1 Coaching Assistant (Tennis Scotland)

Tennis Scotland are running a level 1 course in March at the David Keswick Centre in Dumfries

Course Details
The LTA Level 1 Coach Assistant Qualification is the first step on the LTA Coaching Pathway. It is aimed at people looking to work as a coaching assistant at a club or other tennis venue, such as a park or a school. The qualification is an assessed course.
Upon successful completion candidates will be able to work as an assistant coach alongside a minimum of a Level 2 Accredited Coach in a beginner coaching session.
The course is 3 days in duration, split over a minimum period of 4 weeks and will cover areas such as Mini Tennis, technique, tactics, communication, organisation, demonstrations, safeguarding, running competitive events and organising activity sessions. Additionally, the course requires candidates to complete a portfolio and gain a minimum of three hours experience assisting an LTA Accredited or Accredited+ coach between the second and third day of the course.
Coaches who hold a Level 1 Coach Assistant Qualification are not qualified to coach independently, but will be able to lead parts of a coaching session on an adjacent court to a Level 2 or above coach. They can also run a tennis activity session that has been set up by the Head Coach (Level 3 or above). A tennis activity session refers to organised play or competition facilitated by a coach through organising equipment, allocating space, and suggesting some ideas for activities. The key distinction between a coaching session and activity session is that no formal coaching instructions (for example technical instruction) are given.

Level 1 coaching course

Coaches will qualify for the following subsidy amounts:
Level 1: 40% of full course cost with a maximum value of £75

Sports Scotland funding
Course Pre-requisites
Be a minimum of 16 years old on the first day of the course.
Have a signed letter of deployment from the club where coaching experience will be undertaken or request a letter of deployment from the Course Provider.
Candidates must attend all the sessions of the course at the same venue and pass all elements of assessment to be successful.