Border Challenge Cup

Dumfries Tennis Club made the 60 mile trip to Galashiels to compete in the inaugural Border Challenge Cup. This event was put together by Dumfries Tennis Club to give their players an opportunity to play team tennis which currently doesn’t happen. The format would see 12s and under, 10s and under and 9s and under kids competing in a 1 day event .

The teams were made up of 13 players in each team with the Borders having 11 Boys and 2 Girls and Dumfries having 6 Girls and 7 Boys. The age groups had 5 players in the under 12s, 4 in the under 10s and 4 in the under 9s with 63 matches to get through on a dreich Scottish day. The young Dumfries team made a mixed start on the 6 courts and at the half way stage of the singles it was the Borders select team who were 5-3 up in the 9s event. In the 10s event Dumfries started well and took a 6-2 lead with the Borders edging their Dumfries counterparts 7-6 in the under 12s event. This had Dumfries in front overall 15- 14 as we entered into the final stages.

At the end of the singles matches the scores had Dumfries 16-9 in front in the 12s event with Dumfries Ethan Leyman winning 5 out of 5 singles matches. In the 10s event Dumfries were 10-6 in front with the Borders Lara Abdrabbo winning her 4 matches. The Borders were 11-5 in front in the 9s event with the youngest player in the event, Dumfries’s Adam Hunter winning all 4 of his matches.

With 6 doubles matches to play Dumfries needed one win to secure the trophy as they led 31-26. This was secured as each team claimed a victory in each age group. The final results had the Borders winning the 9s event 12-6, Dumfries secured the 10s event 11-7 and the 12s event 17-10. With Dumfries winning overall 34-29. Border Challenge Cup Results

The Dumfries team was Cameron Hunter, Ethan Leyman, Logan McCluskey, Autumn Hodgins and Eilidh Topping in the 12s event. Dominik Czopeck, Jack Wearing, Nathan Zaoral and Abigail Warren in the 10s with Adam Hunter, Lucy Scade, Ruby Gordon and Caitlin Topping making up the 9s.