D&G Doubles Leagues 2021

The date was the 18th September 2019, this was the last time we manged to play a D&G Mixed Doubles league match in the region.

Fast forward to present day and plans are in place to re-start our Women’s and Men’s Doubles leagues from May 26th 2021, almost 20 months on.

This years reduced program see 5 Women’s teams trying to stop Stewartry CSC women from claiming their 5 title in a row. In the Men’s two leagues Annan Seaforth will be trying to bounce back to the top league as they take on teams from Dumfries, Kirkcudbright and Moffat. Newly promoted Moffat will join Dalbeattie, Dumfries B & C in trying to stop Dumfries A claiming their tenth title in a row.

D&G Leagues Champions Board | Dumfries & Galloway Tennis (dumfriesandgallowaytennis.com)

This years leagues will be played under a slightly different atmosphere as we are unable to provide teams at this time but lets hope for a good competitive league campaign.

All fixtures and results once completed can be found in the link below.

LTA – Tennis for Britain – Dumfries & Galloway Doubles League 2021 – Draws