Sunshine on “Blaes”

Beechgrove last year on Blaes mini tennis tournament

Beechgrove Tennis Club hosted the “last year on Blaes” mini tennis competition on Saturday (1st). there were 30 players entered over the 5 events with players from the host club, Dumfries Tennis Club, Prestwick, Cumbria and Edinburgh. The first winner of the day Oliver McKnight form the Beechgrove club as he completed 6 wins out of 6 in the Mixed red event. Likewise in the orange and green events with Isla Charnock from Cumbria and Euan Sharp from Dumfries winning all their matches in their orange round robin events and Archie Agnew from Chatsworth in Cumbria Julia Janowska from Edinburgh won all their Green ball matches.

There were also some outstanding play from Evie McKnight, Rhys Edwards and Ben Rogerson who managed to take a game off of Archie in the green ball event.

Great play from all..