D&G Doubles Leagues

The D&G Doubles leagues start week 6 fixtures this week. Defending men’s champions Dumfries A have a 100% record having won all 4 matches. Dalbeattie sit 1 point behind. In the men’s division 2 league Kirkcudbright sit top after 3 wins and 1 draw with Annan 2nd.

D&G Doubles Leagues 2018 Results & Fixtures

In the ladies league Dumfries sit top with 2 wins and 2 draws with defending champions Stewartry 1 point behind.


Upcoming Mini Tennis Events

Just a reminder there are 2 upcoming events for under 8s and for under 8s, 9s and 10s.
To enter either do so by using the links below or by emailing dumfriestennisclub@gmail.com .
27th May
The link below is for a red event at Annan tennis club on 27th May with a 12pm scheduled start.
1st June
The link below is for the Dumfries Mini Tennis Open on 1st June which is an Inset day in D&G. This event has a Mixed red, boys and girls Orange and Green event if numbers allow. Either add your name using the link or email me direct but check I add your child on please.

Red2Yellow 12s Event

Another glorious sunny day as Dumfries Tennis Club hosted the 2nd 12s event for the Red2Yellow Tour.

With a late withdrawal we only had 2 boys and 2 girls so a mixed event was played with 3 local kids and Julia Janowska from Edinburgh taking part. Both Julia and Fergus won their first 2 matches before completing the competition against each other.



The players broke each other serves in the first 2 matches but then Julia’s power game came to the fore. The pair traded shot after shot but as Fergus started to drop the ball short Julia kept the power going as she hit the baseline with regular accuracy to complete her 3rd win with a 4-1, 4-1 victory. In the other match Flynn and Isla played some great rallies as Isla started to find her shot length but Flynn kept his cool on the heat to complete the win 4-1, 4-2. Unfortunately the 14s event scheduled for the 13th was cancelled due to not having any entries.

Red2Yellow 12s Results

12s – Boys 22/4 Dumfries 12/5 Dumfries Total
Fergus Reynolds-Lewis 35 35 70
Flynn Dalgliesh 25 25 50
Jacob Holden 21 0 21
Peter Whitelaw 17 0 17
Thomas Rideout 12 0 12
Finn Gordon 12 0 12
12s – Girls 12/5 Dumfries Total
Julia Janowska 35 35
Isla Grieve 25 25





Dalbeattie Open Mixed Events


OPEN COMPETITIONS  –          2018

Dan Maskell Trophy             Sunday 24th June – Mixed Doubles enter with partner – Fee £10 per couple

 Lions Cup                             Sunday 22nd July – Mixed Doubles draw for partner – Fee  £4

 BSW Cup                              Sunday 5th August – Mixed Doubles draw for partner – Fee £4

 If you are interested in entering any of these competitions

Contact either :-

Phil Roberts 07891182666 or Keith Thom 07821526388

No later than the Friday before the date of the competition.

D&G Red2Yellow Tour Red & Orange for May

What a glorious day (6th) for the 2nd Red and Orange events for the D&G Red2Yellow tour. There were 20 kids signed up with some playing in both events. So 15 entries in the red event and 11 in the orange took to the sun kissed courts in Dumfries aiming to do as well as they could as they chased for a medal and tried to gain points for the leaderboard title.

The Orange event consisted of 2 round robin groups with the top 2 in each going through to the semi finals with the rest of the players competing for a play-off position. After some excellent tight group matches the semi finals lined up with local boy Cameron Hunter (Dumfries), who was playing in his first orange event, taking on Angus Jones from Doncaster. However despite some good rallies and lots of running in the baking sunshine Angus kept control of the game and completed the win 10-6. In the other semi Carlisle’s Jake Irving who is currently top of the leaderboard took on Oliver Clark from Edinburgh to see who would face Angus in the final. Again another great semi which on this occasion went Oliver’s way as he edge out Jake 10-7. In the 3rd and 4th play-off Jake seem to run out of steam as Cameron kept on going to claim 3rd place with a 10-1 victory. In the final both boys again play some great tennis in the heat with Angus holding on for a 10-6 victory to claim the gold medal. This leaves Jake still sitting top of the leaderboard with Oliver closing the gap to just 6 points. The next scheduled Orange event is the 17th June.


9s – Orange 15/4 Annan 6/5 Dumfries 17/6 Dumfries Total
1 Jake Irving 35 17 52
2 Oliver Clark 21 25 46
3 Angus Jones 35 35
4 Brodie Little 17 12 29
5 Declan Agnew 25 25
6 Logan McCluskey 12 12 24
7 Thomas McCleary 12 9 21
8 Ellie Wright 9 12 21
9 Cameron Hunter 21 21
10 Mia Renwick 9 9 18
11 Oliver McKnight 12 12
12 Grant Kerr 12 12
13 Harry Brown 12 12
14 Rex Castillo 9 9

In the red event we had 15 kids playing in 3 round robin groups and we welcomed back 3 girls from the 2018 red tour as Grace Palmer, Eilidh Topping and red tour winner Autumn took to the court against the boys with all 3 gaining good wins on the day. The quarter finals saw Jake beating fellow Carlisle player Rex Castillo 10-1, Thomas McCleary (Annan) bt Jack Wearing (Dumfries) 10-5, Cameron Hunter beat Brodie Little (Annan) 10-9 and Logan McCluskey (Dumfries) edged a tight one against Doncaster’s Finlay Jones 10-8. In the semi’s Jake beat Thomas 10-1 with Logan edging past club mate Cameron 10-5. Cameron completed his second 3rd place finish of the day as he edge out Thomas 10-5. In the final Logan started strongly and gained an early lead but Jake kept going and completed the win 10-5 to take the gold. This leaves Jake top of both leagues with Brodie 13 points behind. The next red event is at Annan Tennis Club on 27th May.

D&G Red2Yellow Tour Results

8s – Reds 15/4 Annan 6/5 Dumfries 27/5 Annan Total
1 Jake Irving 25 35 60
2 Brodie Little 35 12 47
3 Cameron Hunter 21 21 42
4 Logan McCluskey 17 25 42
5 Thomas McCleary 12 17 29
6 Dominik Czopek 12 9 21
7 Grant Kerr 12 12
8 Rex Castillo 12 12
9 Jack Wearing 12 12
10 Finlay Jones 12 12
11 Autumn Hodgins 9 9
12 Grace Palmer 9 9
13 Adam Hunter 9 9
14 Isaac Sharp 9 9
15 Archie Brown 9 9
16 Eilidh Topping 9 9